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Hello there, and welcome to Ten Questions with Mia Mondays! On tap for today is science-fiction author Steve S. Grant, author of Original Strand and The Dreamer Genome! Welcome to the blog, Steve.

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Author Bio: Steve S. Grant lives near Montreal, Canada, where he raises a family and reads whatever he gets his hands on. His hobbies include video games, hockey, camping and playing with the kids.

Author Sitehttp://www.stevegrant.ca/

You can find his books at Amazon and Smashwords!

About the Writer

1. What five words describe you?
Energetic, curious, stubborn, easygoing, loyal.

2. What was the first story you ever wrote? I mean the really bad one we all have that you’re trying to hide in the back of closet now that you’re published?
I wrote a medieval fantasy epic in my early twenties. It’s not finished. I see it as the beginning of a learning process.

3. What inspires you?
Daily events, newspapers, books and some of the people I interact with.

4. What distracts you?
Family and friends (I need to isolate myself). Stress is bad because I can’t focus.

5. What’s your favorite story? This can be specific, as in a particular book or even story-driven movie, or general, like “I’m a sucker for a hero looking for redemption story.”
I like realistic human interactions that keep me guessing. It doesn’t matter if it happens in medieval times with magic dragons or on another planet with light sabers. The characters have to feel real and the authors must not treat readers like idiots. Readers are smart and can figure things out by themselves. As I re-read what I just wrote, Stephen King naturally pops to mind.

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About the Writing

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1. Tell us about your currently available titles.
The Dreamer Genome is my first self-published novel. It’s about corporate greed, genetic manipulations, space exploration, cryogenics and a twisted experiment that slowly unravels as test subjects grow up over a period of 30 years. It should appeal to a broad array of science fiction fans.

Original Strand is a short story of roughly 10 000 words (free on Smashwords and soon to be free on Amazon). In a post apocalyptic scenario where Earth is a radioactive wasteland, genetically modified moon inhabitants discover a war survivor and bring him back to life.

2. What’s your favorite part about writing these stories?
I love the creative release that it brings and the evasion from the real world that it provides. It’s like working on an immense puzzle where each word, each sentence, each character and each scene is a piece that needs to be shaped and trimmed perfectly to fit the emotions and images in my mind. It’s a labor of love and a powerful drug.

3. What would your characters say about you? Be honest!
They would all say different things. Some of them would take my lunch money, some would sign me autographs, some would go out with me (I wish) and a few might hang out for a beer.

4. Who would play your favorite character if they made a movie of their story?
Will Smith would be great as Russell Reynald.

5. Do you have any projects currently in the works you want to talk about?
The sequel to The Dreamer Genome is written and edition will start in January. It should get published somewhere in 2013.

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Thanks for joining us today, Steve, and good luck with your books!

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