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Welcome to today’s edition of Ten Questions with Mia! My guest for today is Roxanne Bland, author of The Underground. Welcome, Roxanne!

As a side note to my readers, this is the last interview–author or character–that anyone will be seeing for a couple weeks, as I (and my family, including my three year old son, nine year old Pug, and twelve year old cat) embark on a move across the country. I will still be scheduling/accepting/collecting interviews until I’m out of internet, but none will be posted till after 15 April. Thanks!

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Author Bio: A life-long fan of speculative fiction, Roxanne Bland is a genre-bending author of paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, romance and a few other things. She grew up in Washington, D.C., where she discovered strange new worlds through her local public library and bookstores. These and other life experiences have convinced her that reality is highly overrated.

Author Sites: http://www.blackrosepress.com; http://roxannebland.com

You can find her book on Amazon, for both Kindle and print!

About the Writer

1. What five words describe you?
I’m a dreamer. I’m also shy—not exactly the life of the party. I think I’m a kind person—I can be very generous if the need arises. I can be secretive. Finally, I like to think of myself as intelligent, though there are those who might say otherwise.

2. What was the first story you ever wrote? I mean the really bad one we all have that you’re trying to hide in the back of closet now that you’re published?
The first story I ever wrote won a contest when I was in elementary school, so I guess that doesn’t count. It was about a gaggle of children who stumble upon a portal to another planet, and then have to figure out how to return to Earth. Now the second story, well, I don’t have it anymore, it was that bad. It was about a young woman who buys an old, beat up WWII fighter plane and restores it. She discovers, via a dream sequence (that of course turns out to be no dream), that her deceased father had flown it before his capture and execution by the Nazis. Whew! (Holds nose) I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole, now.

3. What inspires you?
The world around me, to some extent. What if my backyard was a portal to a different realm? What if my dog was really an alien in disguise? What if that lady at the grocery store was really a secret agent? But mostly reading, I think. I read about something—say, some faraway place—and that sets my imagination rolling.

4. What distracts you?
Definitely the internet. Sometimes my dog, when she insists on being petted.

5. What’s your favorite story? This can be specific, as in a particular book or even story-driven movie, or general, like “I’m a sucker for a hero looking for redemption story.”
That would have to be “The Anubis Gates” by Tim Powers. A college professor, specializing in Coleridge, accidentally finds himself trapped in early 19th century London due to the machinations of an evil millionaire. He ties in ancient Egyptian magic, Lord Byron…what an imagination!

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About the Writing

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1. Tell us about your currently available titles.
My debut novel, The Underground.

2. What’s your favorite part about writing these stories?
Watching the scene unfold in my head. It’s like watching a movie. And, of course, dialogue. I love writing dialogue. I like to think I’m pretty good at it, too.

3. What would your characters say about you? Be honest!
The werewolf would probably say I’m cruel, given all that I put him through. The mage would usually be somewhat annoyed with me—she’s practical, with both feet on the ground. My head’s usually in the clouds. The vampire would probably think of me as not much more than a blood-cow, and as a human, I’d probably be beneath the alien’s notice.

4. Who would play your favorite character if they made a movie of their story?
Dead or alive? I can’t think of anyone alive who could play any of my characters. But then, I don’t pay attention to Hollywood, so maybe there’s someone I don’t know about. Anyway, I don’t have a favorite character, so, with your indulgence, I’ll just list all four: the werewolf, Charlton Heston. The vampire, Laurence Olivier. The mage, Clara Bow, and the alien, Tamara Dobson.

5. Do you have any projects currently in the works you want to talk about?
Well, I’m working on the sequel to The Underground. It has a working title, Jahannan’s Children, but that’s not going hang around. It’ll probably come to me after I finish the book. I’m also working on a science fiction/romance, that doesn’t have a title as yet. Then there’s a slew of other ideas I have, but I can’t work on more than two books at a time, and I have trouble doing even that.

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Roxanne, thanks for joining us today and good luck with your stories!

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