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Today’s author here to answer Ten Questions is Rebecca Snow, who is one of the many authors from Darlings of Decay that I’m featuring during the weeks following its release at the beginning of July. She is also hosting me on her blog today, which you can find here. Welcome, Rebecca!

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Author Bio: Rebecca Snow is a Virginia writer with a herd of geriatricats.  She’s been published in a number of anthologies and online.  She’s mostly harmless…at least on the outside.

Author Site: http://cemeteryflowerblog.wordpress.com

You can find her work at Amazon!

About the Writer

1. What five words describe you?
The only word I could think of was invisible, so I asked some friends to help. So the 5 words are…invisible, smirky, off, eccentric, and perceptive. My friends love me.

2. What was the first story you ever wrote? I mean the really bad one we all have that you’re trying to hide in the back of closet now that you’re published?
The first one I remember writing, I was 6. It involved cats, a haunted house, and a rainbow. I still have it somewhere. However, before that, I used to tell stories with pictures, but anyone who looked at them would have to come up with his own words unless I was there to interpret. The most asked question…”Why is everything black?”

3. What inspires you?
Every bit of life. At the moment, the sun hitting the back of a cat’s head and shining through his fur. He could be radioactive. Earlier today, lightning hit close to the house and had me flapping like a 4 year old high on sugar. I had to return something I couldn’t use. Instead of giving me a refund, the company sent me a second shipment. I really don’t need MORE of what I didn’t want in the first place. A wrong number from a blocked caller asking me what I was wearing. Everything’s useful. Even the “bad” stuff.

4. What distracts you?
See #3.

5. What’s your favorite story? This can be specific, as in a particular book or even story-driven movie, or general, like “I’m a sucker for a hero looking for redemption story.”
My favorite story is a little quiet tale called “The Treasons” by A.A. Garrison. It’s a post-apocalyptic yarn that made me think of a day out with my grandmother had she been around in such a scenario. If you happen to read it, you might think I had an odd upbringing. Well, you’d probably be right. (Here’s a link to the story if you want to link it…. http://www.somethingwicked.co.za/2011/10/the-treasons/ )

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About the Writing

Rebecca Snow Cover Art

1. Tell us about your currently available titles.
At the moment, they’re all short stories. Here’s a link to them. http://cemeteryflowerblog.wordpress.com/publication-credits/

2. What’s your favorite part about writing these stories?
Writing calms my mind. Otherwise, the little people up there get restless and start to yell at each other until I listen.

3. What would your characters say about you? Be honest!
Shhhh…..they don’t know I’m here. I just watch them and write down what they do.

4. Who would play your favorite character if they made a movie of their story?
That would mean I’d have to choose a favorite character, wouldn’t it? I really don’t have one. I like most of them, but I have a version of Bigfoot I like. As for who would play him? Anyone who would fit in the suit and wasn’t afraid of clowns.

5. Do you have any projects currently in the works you want to talk about?
I’m taking one of my short stories and fleshing it into a novel. I’m not sure how it’ll turn out, but it’s interesting to look closer at the characters and watch more of their lives than I expected to see. I’m also typing up a journal from 1999 about a trip around the world.

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Thank you for joining us today, Rebecca, and good luck with your stories!

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