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Today’s special guest is Diantha Jones, who has recently released her second book in the Oracle of Delphi Series. I’ve reviewed both the first and second, highly, and worked extensively with her over the past couple of months… and yet I’m still letting her on the blog. 😉 I am happy to be part of her release blog tour! Welcome to From Mia’s Desk!

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Author Bio: I was born on Thanksgiving Day so that explains why my mother calls me a “turkey.” I spent the first 16 years of my life as an official Army brat (now I’m a retired one), and have spent the last twelve years living in Georgia (Atlanta, then Savannah). I now reside in Washington D.C. I love to read and watch movies (Quentin Tarantino is my fave director), and I love cold weather and french fries (with cheese if possible).

Author Sitehttp://www.diantha-jones.com

You can find her books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

About the Writer

1. What five words describe you?
Snap Dragon, porcupine, librarian, icy, hilarious

2. What was the first story you ever wrote? I mean the really bad one we all have that you’re trying to hide in the back of closet now that you’re published?
Aw, man. Okay. I wrote an entire novel BY HAND on notebook paper when I was like fourteen about one of my favorite music artist at the time. After I was done, I read it. Then I trashed it. Shame, I know.

3. What inspires you?
The nighttime and movie soundtracks. I always get inspired at night and when listening to soundtracks (with no words, of course).

4. What distracts you?
The Internet. I can’t stay away from it. It’s the first thing I do in the morning, the last thing I do at night. I really do lead a sad existence.

5. What’s your favorite story? This can be specific, as in a particular book or even story-driven movie, or general, like “I’m a sucker for a hero looking for redemption story.”
Honestly, this is an impossible question to answer. I have like a million of each, books and movies. I can’t choose!

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About the Writing

1. Tell us about your currently available titles.
There is the Oracle of Delphi Series which has two books currently published – Prophecy of the Most Beautiful (#1) and Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise (#2), which can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes&Noble. Prophecy of Solstice’s End (#3) will be released Summer 2013.

There is the Unknowing Short Story Series, which has three books published – Unknowing (#1), Unburden (#2), and Unchain (#3). Unleashed (#4) is in the works.

I also have an ongoing blog series called Reaper of Bogota. I update it every few months.

2. What’s your favorite part about writing these stories?
It’s just so much FUN. I love to write and exist to entertain and inspire readers to let their imaginations do some of the living. Real life sucks sometimes.

3. What would your characters say about you? Be honest!
They would say that I’m anal and want to be perfect, but I’m not even cutting it close. They would say that I make them laugh, but when I’m mad they want to run and hide. They would say I’m nice but not very sweet, and that if I could just step out of myself for just a while, I might discover things I never knew.

Diantha Jones Cover Art 2

4. Who would play your favorite character if they made a movie of their story?
I think Sophie Turner (Sansa in the Game of Thrones) would make an AWESOME Chloe Clever.

5. Do you have any projects currently in the works you want to talk about?
Yes! Invasion, my standalone alien romance novella should be out soon and Solar, Defeated (Mythos: Stories from Olympus, Book One) will be out April 23, 2012. This is the complimentary series to the Oracle of Delphi Series that stars some of the characters from the main series!

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Diantha, thanks for joining us and good luck with your stories!

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