New Adelheid Short Story!

Following on the heels of Cats & Dogs comes another short story from the Adelheid world! I plan to write a “Between the Tales” short story between each novel. These stories, like the first, will be character exercises to either revisit earlier characters or get a better glimpse into an otherwise background character.

Adelheid 3.5 is Family Matters, where we revisit Dakota in a story set between Voracious and the upcoming Written All Over Her, scheduled for release in May. I know that she has been a rather popular woman, so I hope you enjoy this new glimpse into her life!

Oh, and I recommend people have read When Forever Died and Voracious before this one!

* * *

Family Matters Cover Thumbnail

Dakota has been a loner for two centuries, but she suddenly has a constant presence in her life that she’s not sure how to handle. And now she gets a case that is just full of surprises, and will lead her to never look at a pet dog the same way again!


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P.S. Fun fact? That’s my dog on the cover. 😉

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