“Here, Kitty Kitty” is Now Live!

I know that my fellow authors have already been hard at work spreading the word and I’m late to the party, but I have a good excuse! I’ve been moving house. ;D I am here now, however, to let everyone from my circles know that our anthology is live, and I’m thrilled! Go check it out!

* * *

What is it about the tiger that so captivates? Or about the jaguar that enchants? Why are we so drawn to the lethal grace of the large feline predators of the world?

Get ready to purr, growl and roar along with six paranormal romance authors in this anthology of love and shapeshifting kitties. After reading these six unique tales, from the sexy to the sweet, you’ll be guaranteed to be saying… Here, Kitty Kitty

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* * *

Once again, I want to thank my fellow authors who joined me in this anthology. It was such fun, and there are some great stories, and for a great cause! My hat off to you: A. Star, Jessica Nicholls, Dariel Raye, Abigail Owen, and BR Kingsolver. Thank you!

Here, Kitty Kitty Cover Art

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