Choose Your Own Adventure!

…okay, not really.

In case anyone has wondered, I have still been working on writing my own stuff. It’s not just been posting new interviews! After my flurry of releases over the summer, however, it’s been onto new content, and my life has gone very crazy these pasts months and that has made the writing slow-going.

Still, the first incredibly rough draft of the fourth Adelheid book (Written All Over Her) is done and with the First Readers, who will undoubtedly tear it apart and make me do lots of work before the next draft. Even so, we’re making progress.

While on this phase of the fourth story, however, I turn to the fifth and plotting it out. Anyone who has read the Adelheid page knows that I have lots of ideas, but that the order of five and on was not set in stone. I’ve decided to see if any of my readers out there have an opinion about what story they’d like to see next!

Thus without further ado, I’m going to list the contestants. Please comment, email, tweet, or facebook me with what you’d like to see!

1) Vance’s story, which will feature an undercover investigation into an underground supernatural fighting ring.

2) Donovan’s story, which will feature a secret organization trying to bring up a very bad supernatural creature.

3) Cassandra’s story, which will feature her back story, a murder mystery, and the keys to this kind of ‘odd’ character.

4) A new story for Sadie, which doesn’t have a plot yet but I’m sure she’d give me one.

5) A new story for Dakota, which would feature an ancient magical journal that shakes the foundations of her soul.

So! These are the candidates. Let me hear from you!


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8 Responses
  1. Dariel Raye says:

    Hi, Mia! I choose Cassandra’s story 😉

  2. Jessica says:

    I think Vance would be great.

  3. Eva Millien says:

    I would choose Vance’s Story!

  4. Braden says:

    I say go with Vance’s fighting ring!