Character Interview: Carmen Stefanescu & Genevieve from “Shadows of the Past”

I’m pleased to welcome to my blog today, Carmen Stefanescu! I actually had the pleasure of being a pre-release/early reader for this very book, Shadows of the Past, so I’m happy that it’s now out and available and I can invite Carmen and Genevieve to join us today. Welcome to you both!

* * *

Mia: What is the name of the book where we’ll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?
Genevieve: Shadows of the Past is my home. It’s a paranormal romance with elements of horror. It seems my mother, I mean my author, Carmen Stefanescu is fond of this genre.

Mia: Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?
Genevieve: I am Genevieve, an ordinary girl, living in an ordinary village, in Medieval England. However, everything that happens to me along my life is not at all ordinary. Misfortune stays glued to me and it reflects on those who love or protect me, too. Life is not easy and when, at last I think I found the love of my life…. Well, but I am not going to tell you about it. Read the book and you’ll find out all about it.

Mia: What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won’t tell.
Genevieve: I had a hard time persuading her to tell my story in detail in a novel. She’d already written a ballad about me and Andrew but I kept pestering her to write our story in detail. It appears I managed it.

Mia: How do you feel about the story you’re in?
Genevieve: I like the fact that the truth comes out to light, and my name is cleared of all the lies the hateful Abbess spread about me.

Mia: Do you like being a character in the book?
Genevieve: Absolutely! It gives me the opportunity to reveal what really happened to me.

Mia: How do you see your future? Without giving anything away about the story, naturally.
Genevieve: If you read the book you’ll meet me in present-day England, too.

Mia: What do you know about your author’s plans? Can we expect to see you in any future stories?
Genevieve: I’m not sure. She says that only if my story is successful she’ll write a sequel.

Mia: Let’s say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?
Genevieve: I’ve talked to my author and she says Jordana Spiro, my author watches playing the leading part in The Mob’s Doctor, is the best actress to impersonate me. Jordana is fragile in appearance, looks like a kindhearted person ready to help those next to her, yet she’s determined and brave.

* * *

Author Bio: Carmen Ştefănescu was born in Romania, the native country of the infamous vampire Count Dracula, but where, for about 50 years of communist dictatorship, just speaking about God, faith, reincarnation or paranormal phenomena could have led someone to great trouble – the psychiatric hospital if not to prison.

English teacher in her native country and mother of two daughters, Carmen Ştefănescu survived the grim years of oppression, by escaping in a parallel world that of the books.

She has dreamt all her life to become a writer, but many of the things she wrote during those years remained just drawer projects. The fall of the Ceauşescu’s regime in 1989 and the opening of the country to the world meant a new beginning for her. She started publishing.

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  1. Thank you for featuring this wonderful author, whose book, Shadows of the Past, was the best paranormal read I’ve ever read. She’s a remarkable writer, storyteller, who says just enough to keep you glued to the story and not too much to lose the reader for a second. I was sorry when I finished reading it, that’s how good it was. Paulette