A Chat with Crystal Smith & Taylor from “Swept Away: The First Bloodline”

And now for our first visitors for our  character interviews, we have Crystal Smith along with Taylor, from the erotic paranormal romance Swept Away: The First Bloodline. Hello, and welcome to you both!

* * *

Mia: What is the name of the book where we’ll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?
Taylor: Swept Away: The First Bloodline

Mia: Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?
Taylor: I am a widowed woman, with a set of young twins. I lost my husband to cancer before I found out I was pregnant with twins. I struggle with the thoughts of, ‘am I doing everything I can for my children.’ I live with my sister, who is the rock of my family. She is always there for me, no matter right, wrong or indifferent. My life is the story. Everything that is happening around me and inside of me, you can read about and feel what I feel.

Mia: What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won’t tell.
Taylor: I think that only in her mind, does my story exist. I mean really, who would have thought that my life would be turning out so….complicated… and yet awesome. I think that although her writing has caused me some heartache, her writing has taken me in to a place that I now call home and would not be able to live without. If it wasn’t for her twisted yet wonderful mind, I wouldn’t be here now.

Mia: How do you feel about the story you’re in?
Taylor: I don’t like being that irritating woman, but then aren’t we all. Women are stubborn, hard headed, and it is hard to make us change our mind. With that being said, I love the new life she has created for me. I am able to do things that I never thought was possible and experience a life only in the movies. How many of you can say that?

Mia: Do you like being a character in the book?
Taylor: Absolutely. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mia: How do you see your future? Without giving anything away about the story, naturally.
Taylor: I see myself living the life that is dreamed of. Where the world becomes a better place. I can live in peace and happiness and watch my children grow in to their future with my love and sister at my side. Knowing the author like I do, I also see crap hitting the fan at some point…again. But I know in the end, all will work out.

Mia: What do you know about your author’s plans? Can we expect to see you in any future stories?
Taylor: Yes. She is currently working on my next chapter. A chapter that is bound to open new experiences in to my life.

Mia: Let’s say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?
Taylor: Jordana Brewster. I love her and her ability to portray the character’s that she plays, not to mention she is beautiful. She takes you inside their head. I think that if anyone could pull off my roller coaster of emotions, it would be her.

* * *

Author Bio: Just a small town girl, born and raised in Doniphan, Mo.  Although she no longer lives there, she still calls this place home.  She is married with two wonderful children.  During the day, she works as a geriatric nurse and loves each of her residents and they are considered a part of her extended family.  In the evening, she can be found either hanging out with her family, or in front of her computer, coming up with new interesting character’s and stories.  She writes independently and co-writes with her sister, Elizabeth A. Veatch.

Author Blog: http://crystalandliz.blogspot.com/

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