Marie Johnston

When I first started publishing, I released everything under my one pen name–Mia Darien–but then realized the wisdom of splitting genres. Thus, Marie Johnston was created for my romance stories. Some of these will have been released previously as Mia Darien, while new stories will only be under Marie Johnston.

One to kill. One to be killed. Can love really conquer all?

The year is 1767, in the province of GĂ©vaudan, France.

For three years, the people have lived under the deadly reign of a murderous creature known as the Beast. It shows an intelligence and a discernment unlike any animal ever seen, yet such bloody viciousness can only be by a monster. The forests and hills are no longer safe.

And yet into these forests come Tristan, the Marquis du Lyon, and Constance Marie de Marin. One to kill. One to be killed. The last thing either expects to find is each other, but can two wounded souls overcome the pain of the past and the trials of the present to be together? Can they wrest their future from the hands of men and beasts?

Can love really conquer all?

Author’s Note: This story contains adult subject matter and a scene of explicit sexual situations. This story was also released previously under the title ‘Deeper than Skin.’

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