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Cameron’s Law – Update!

Cameron’s Law is now available at the Kindle Store for .99 because Amazon/KDP gets to decide if they price match a book offered free elsewhere. I’ve told them I want this and hopefully they will lower the price so it’s free in digital form everywhere! If you’re hard core Kindle, you can now find it available there at the lowest possible price.

It is now available in a Trade Paperback edition from Lulu for the cheapest I could make that, which is $10.00 – because they won’t give away the print copies!

The sequel, When Forever Died, is going into editing stage one as soon as I start reading it and I’m writing a stand alone short story in the series at the moment. Will soon be plotting book three. Exciting stuff, stay tuned!

P.S. Anniversary is now out in the ebook/Kindle version of the Wake Up Dead Anthology, which I believe will be out in print soon, and it’s gotten a five star rating (the whole anthology) from Ursula K. Raphael – “AstraDaemon, The Zombiephiles”

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Cameron’s Law

Cameron's Law Cover Art

Vampires are people, too.

Cameron’s Law has made all supernatural creatures legal citizens, and the boy next door has suddenly become the werewolf next door. With Sadie Stanton, vampire and one of the public faces of the legislation, calling the little town of Adelheid, Connecticut home, it can’t help but be a focal point for these once mythical beings.

But when vampires start attacking werewolves without provocation, Adelheid draws the attention of those that would seek to have Cameron’s Law repealed and would send the preternaturals back into the shadows they used to hide in, but without the safety of their anonymity and their law.

Can Sadie keep the city’s two biggest species from descending into chaos and war before it brings all of them to harm? And can she do it when she herself gets thrust into the spotlight?

* * *


Cameron’s Law is available now through Smashwords for free! This is the first book in the Adelheid Series, and it’s been a labor of love for me for many years. The first incarnation was written more than a decade ago, but time and maturation has led us to this moment and a far better book which I am ecstatic to release now to you at no cost.

I hope that you enjoy it enough to keep an eye out for the release of Book Two, When Forever Died, this coming Spring.

Right now, Cameron’s Law is available through Smashwords. It will soon be available from the Kindle Store, and also soon in a print version at cost.

Read and enjoy!

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Never Give Up…

…Never Surrender!

While I still counsel all authors to handle rejections and bad reviews with grace and poise, I will also warn you to not let it hurt you too greatly. Entertainment, such as books and music and movies, is a very subjective creature. Not everyone will like everything. If you receive a bad critique while writing, take what you can to improve you work.

If you receive a bad review, don’t take it too greatly to heart because you never know what someone else will think.

My example today is that I have a short story available (Anniversary) that one person liked so much, they wanted to put it in a print anthology. Today I saw that the same story received only two out of five stars on a review at Goodreads. You can never guess nor predict what someone will think, so write what you love, do your best to make the best story, but don’t be disheartened if someone dislikes it.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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Rules are Made…

…to be broken, but with care.

I’ve learned during the course of my life thus far that everyone thinks they are an expert about something. Writers, and those in the writing field, seem particularly prone to it. Perhaps this is because there aren’t as clear cut “rules” about writing as there are about, say, science… so people make them up and then are convinced they’re the authority.

Who knows? It just seems like everyone who has ever strung a sentence together thinks they know how others should write. And that’s not to say that they don’t have a piece of the puzzle, but writing is very subjective in many areas. What works for one person isn’t guaranteed to work for another.

So, my best advice… and, no, I’m no expert… is to listen to a lot, think a lot, and make the best decisions for you and for your stories, and sometimes that will be not taking someone’s advice. Don’t ignore what others say out of ego, because that gets no one anywhere, but out of what will work best.

Because the fact of the matter is that if a writer doesn’t enjoy what they’re writing, nine times out of ten, the reader will know it and they won’t enjoy reading it. So, you have to be okay with what and how you’re writing your story. So if you’re taking everyone’s advice and changing things until you’re discontent? It likely isn’t going to work very well for anyone.

Remember that you can’t make all the people happy all the time, and sometimes you’ll get conflicting advice. Choose Wisely is the best advice I think can be offered.

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The Curse of the Was’s

Recently, I’ve learned that I have a very bad writing habit. It is one of my greatest flaws as an author, and that is the habit of being too passive in sentences that should be active. For example: “I was running towards her” instead of “I ran towards her.” As I’ve become painfully aware of it in my own writing, I’ve begun to see it in that of others.

It seems to be a human habit, really. Why is that, I have to wonder. Do we feel the need to over-qualify our statements, make them less definitive, so that they do not offend? (Perhaps that is just the reason for my own habit of it. I don’t know.)

Whatever the reason, it’s something to watch out for. It’s not always avoidable, of course, but whenever possible, we writers should always try to be active and definitive. It’s quite all right to do so! In fact, it’s better because it engages the reader’s senses and imagination more. And as writers, we should always aim to do that as much as possible.

You want to tell a story and draw your reader as deeply in as you can, which means making them go along with your characters; making them feel it too.

Don’t give into passivity. Much like it’s good for the body to be active, it’s good for the story too!

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Anniversary in “Wake Up Dead”

I’m pleased to announce that my story Anniversary is going to be featured in a zombie stories print anthology, coming out in January, from Crowded Quarantine Publications!

It’s presently available for free in ebook form, but this will be in print and along side other zombie stories in Wake Up Dead. I am excited about this, and look forward to seeing what company my little tale of the Zombie Apocalypse (ten years later) keeps!

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Inferiority Complex

The world is divided into the Us and Them mentality. It always has been and I suppose that it always will be, but it’s perpetual existence doesn’t make it any the less frustrating when you feel like you’re being thrust into it when you didn’t ask to be.

What am I talking about, and what does this have to do with writing? In this instance, I mean the debate between traditional publishing and self-publishing. I’m talking about how those involved in traditional (which can mean print or digital) publishing world have the tendency to look down their noses at those who self-publish. Or feel we need to be “schooled” because of it.

In their defense, because let it never be said that I don’t try to be fair minded, there are a lot of self-published authors out there who created a stereotype that the rest of us have to live with. And everyone does have the right to their opinion.

Still, it frustrates me to feel like I’m put in the category of being either greedy, lazy, impatient or egotistical. That I chose to self publish because I wasn’t willing to put up with the pounds of rejection that usually come before success in the world of traditional publishing, or that I just want lots of money.

There are many writers out there who fit that mold, but I don’t think you should ever paint an entire group with one brush. There are many skilled authors out there choosing self-publishing for a variety of legitimate reasons.

I know that I carefully weighed pros and cons with each decision. I’m choosing to do both. Some books are submitted for consideration to publishing houses, while others I’m choosing to self-publish. I make the decision based on the book, and on a long lists of reasons each way.

Much like in my last post, where the acts of some might diminish us all, I will say that I hope those who do self-publish do so for the same good reasons and not the stereotyped ones, so that we might climb out from under the stigma. Write good stories. Edit. Consider your choices carefully, and choose the path that best suits you and your book.

Ultimately, this post is only to say to the world – or at least anyone who is reading this – that we all judge books by their covers, but let us not judge all writers and authors the same way!

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An Ebook for the Holidays!

While I continue to work assiduously behind the scenes on other exciting stories, I’ve released a new free eread for you to enjoy. Ever wonder what A Christmas Carol would have been like with robots? Find out!

A Computer Carol Cover Available Now

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