“Forever” (Adelheid #5.5) is Available Today!

The latest Adelheid Between the Tales Short is now available! This book runs concurrent with Disposable People and features spoilers from that book, but if you want to know what happened to Sadie during that time, then check out Forever! An Adelheid romance for Valentine’s Day. 😉

* * *


Every love story has two sides…

When Detective Vance Johnston was abducted, he entered a hell unlike any he’d ever known before, but the world outside didn’t stop because he was there. What happened to the ones left behind? What hell did Sadie enter during the time he was missing without a clue as to what had happened to him?

This story is a “Between the Tales” short story set in the Adelheid Series world. It is set concurrently with the fifth Adelheid novel, “Disposable People.”

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Valentine’s Day Release!

Coming Next from Adelheid…


Every love story has two sides…

When Detective Vance Johnston was abducted, he entered a hell unlike any he’d ever known before, but the world outside didn’t stop because he was there. What happened to the ones left behind? What hell did Sadie enter during the time he was missing without a clue as to what had happened to him?

This story is a “Between the Tales” short story set in the Adelheid Series world. It is set concurrently with the fifth Adelheid novel, “Disposable People.”

Coming 14 February 2015!


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One Lovely Blog Hop

I was nominated by Angela B. Chrysler to take part in the One Lovely Blog Hop!

About the HopThis blog hop is designed to show our readers a more personal side to ourselves. We’ve been challenged by another author/ blogger (somewhat like the ‘ice bucket’ challenge) to list seven interesting facts to help cast light onto that tough writer’s/ blogger’s persona we all like to project. But we want to show that behind every story is a story, our story, my story, and like everyone else I have dreams, hobbies, problems and goals. This blog hop is a way to share some of them with you, my readers.

The rules are that I share 7 Lovely Facts about myself, and links to at least 15 blogs that I enjoy reading. If I’ve nominated your blog (see names below) please don’t feel any obligation to join in but, if you do, please link back to the blog of the person who nominated you (which would be me, Mia Darien), share facts about yourself and nominate 15 blogs (or as many as you can).

Seven Lovely Facts about Mia Darien

1. I wish it would rain every day. Seriously, I love the rain. I love rain storms and I used to love thunderstorms. I’ll admit that after moving to the deep south, I like them less since the whole tornado thing… (Apparently, I have a pathological fear of tornadoes!) But I still love grey, rainy days. They make me drowsy, but they’re pleasant to me. I don’t get along with the sun…

2. I grew up on Nick at Night. I think I watched more old sitcoms than current television shows when I was a young teen, like eleven or twelve. I remember Dragnet and I Love Lucy and Taxi best.

3. I’m into astrology. I don’t do much with daily horoscopes, but have studied the idea of our birth months being related to our personalities and how that relates to people interacting with one another. I used to do “compatibility” charts for my friends and their significant others.

4. I grew up with horses. The best loved of my youth was a grumpy pony named Rusty. We think he was a Haflinger, although we were never sure. He distrusted adults, but he liked kids so he became mine. He knew a million different ways to not have to move faster than a fast walk. King of the jog, he was. And if I tried to mount up without a step, I’d hang over his back and he’d walk off with me like that.

5. I was homeschooled. Except for a few months in 9th grade, I was homeschooled from 5th to 12th. It suited my temperament, and I got a better education. My mom was my teacher, mostly. I inherited her bad math skills, so I had a tutor for that. In 5th grade, I was just at level with math but reading at a 12th grade level.

6. I like to sew by hand. I don’t have the time to do it very often anymore, but I like to make geeky things. My favorites have been banners modeled after my favorite computer game. But I made one once upon a time for my husband (before he was my husband) based on a character of his. I like to do the by-hand stitching because it’s relaxing, and I think it looks old-fashioned.

7. I played with Lego blocks as a kid. I was obsessed with making houses, but it had to be complete. Doors, windows, every room with furniture that would be in the room, so the bathroom needed blocks that signified toilet, sink, bath… I ran out of room on those green squares a lot.

Now that you know a bit more about me, I nominate

Jessica Nicholls

Diantha Jones

Dariel Raye

Abigail Owen

Diana L. Wicker

Raphyel M. Jordan

“Disposable People” is Live Today!

On Sale Today!

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Disposable People Cover Art

Even Adelheid has a dark side…

Detective Vance Johnston has a lot going for him. He’s got good friends, a job he likes, gets to play tiger every now and then, and is getting ready to propose to his long time girlfriend, Sadie Stanton. Things are looking pretty good.

That is until a shocking turn of events sends him into a case at the last minute that threatens not just everything in his life, but his life itself. Thrust into the seedy underbelly of the preternatural organized crime world, Vance is trapped, a prisoner to the entertainment and money of a darkness threatening to undermine Adelheid.

But he’s not alone. Not just in the prison he’s kept in, but on the outside too. He just has to hang on until help comes, but that’s going to be anything but easy as his own beast within is used against him.

* * *

An Excerpt from Disposable People

After dropping Madison off, I headed straight to the address. It was deeper into downtown Adelheid, to a section considered less than savory, shall we say. It’s not the biggest of towns, but every city has its dark side. I got to see all of them, thanks to my job.
I parked at the end of the line and made my way to the alley where all the action was. I didn’t have to flash my badge because everyone knew me. My new partner came out under the street light to greet me.
“Have a good run?” she asked.
“Until you called.” But I smiled.
Detective Samantha Moore, human psychic with the skill of psychometry, which is the reading of impressions, emotions and history from inanimate objects. Recently transferred from Hartford, CT. We had been together about a month by this point. I had known her before, though, because we worked on something a while back. So I knew her and liked her, knew she was competent, though it always took time to work out the kinks of a new partnership.
She led me into the alley, although as soon as I’d gotten near it I could smell smoke and something like…cooked meat?
What the hell…
“Let me introduce you to today’s contestants,” Sam began, leading me to a pair of charbroiled bodies. “This is Frankie Motts and Greg Wallman.” She gestured to a body with each name, but then paused. “Or the other way around. Hard to tell. Anyways, two small time weapons dealers looking to get into the bigs.” She folded her arms across her chest, making her brown leather jacket crinkle. “They were trying to make a deal with a lowbie in the Blackwood Family.” She paused and let that sink in.
Both my brows shot up. “Blackwood?” I repeated. Not being in the FBI’s organized crime division, I didn’t know all the dirt. But the Blackwood Crime Family was very well known to all law enforcement, a mob of the old school before the mob, led by a family of vampires. Yeah, it’s a new day. They were into every crime, paranormal and not, that you could think of.
Once Sam watched that information stop rolling through my eyes, she went on. “We got to them first and apparently they agreed to let us put this meeting under surveillance, so we could climb the ladder. They were meeting with a guy that goes by the street name of McGrath, though we don’t know anything else.”
“So what happened?” I asked, pointing to the smoldering corpses.
“McGrath is, apparently, electrokinetic.”

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Coming Soon: “Disposable People” (Adelheid #5)

Coming Soon: 17 September 2014

Disposable People (Adelheid #5)

Disposable People Cover Art

Even Adelheid has a dark side…

Detective Vance Johnston has a lot going for him. He’s got good friends, a job he likes, gets to play tiger every now and then, and is getting ready to propose to his long time girlfriend, Sadie Stanton. Things are looking pretty good.

That is until a shocking turn of events sends him into a case at the last minute that threatens not just everything in his life, but his life itself. Thrust into the seedy underbelly of the preternatural organized crime world, Vance is trapped, a prisoner to the entertainment and money of a darkness threatening to undermine Adelheid.

But he’s not alone. Not just in the prison he’s kept in, but on the outside too. He just has to hang on until help comes, but that’s going to be anything but easy as his own beast within is used against him.

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‘Bellator’ is Live! Release Day Interview!

As I’ve talked about and been sharing quotes for on Facebook for the past twelve days, I’m very excited about the release of this next charity anthology! This is the biggest to date and I have been very honored to write with twelve fellow authors, some new and some familiar, but all awesome. They were all also kind enough to answer one question for this release day post. So read about the anthology below and then check out their answers!

* * * * *

An Anthology of Warriors of Space & Magic

Science Fiction and Fantasy, two genres that are both unalike and inextricably entwined, stretching the imagination to the expansive boundaries of time, space, and magic. These boundaries are often filled with warriors and war, fights and causes worth fighting for, and that’s what you’ll find in this anthology.

From fighting aliens in space to demons in a world of magic, you’ll find many stories to suit your starship’s entertainment collection or your favorite bard at the local tavern…or just your imagination here and now. Sit back and enjoy twelve stories from authors both familiar and new!

100% of the proceeds to be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

* * *

SARAH by Lee Pletzers
The Summoned Rise of the Phantom Knights by Kenny Emmanuel
Border Patrol by BR Kingsolver
The Twelve by Mia Darien
Ghosts by Christi Rigby
Outside the Walls by A. L. Butcher & Diana L. Wicker
My Brother’s Keeper by Raphyel M. Jordan
With Our Own Blood by Jessica Nicholls
The Connection by Crystal G. Smith
A Fly on the Wall by Chantal Boudreau
Slacker by Doug Dandridge
The Light Bless Thee and Keep Thee by Mason Darien

[Amazon] [Barnes & Noble] [Smashwords] [CreateSpace]

* * * * *

Bellator Cover Art

* * * * *

What’s worth fighting for?

Lee Pletzers: So, what’s worth fighting for? That’s a loaded question. Where to start? Queen and country? Freedom? Peace? Duty? Honour? Or more personal questions? Love? Heartbreak? Fear?

In SARAH our hero joins the military, following his ex girlfriend thinking he might have a chance to win her back. He soon realises he can’t and discovers he has a natural talent for a military career. Until she gets kidnapped by terrorists. He’ll go through hades to save her.

So, we can say he fights for love. But it that enough to drive someone to fight? Is love strong enough to make one stand their ground and raise their middle finger to the world? I doubt that.

This answer faces the question of physical fighting. I’m positive other writers in this anthology have different ideas of fighting.

So, back to the original question: what’s worth fighting for?

If someone pushes you, grab that fear and push back twice as hard. You have the right to fight to live your life the way you see fit.

Your dreams are what’s worth fighting for.

Kenny Emmanuel: Family and friends are worth fighting for. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing their smiles as you share adventures and experiences.

BR Kingsolver: Your life. The lives and well being of your family and friends. The freedom to make your own choices and live your life the way you want to.

Mia Darien: Amor Vincit Omnia. Love conquers all. This won’t be a unique answer, but it is mine. Love is the beginning, and the end. To know and love one’s self, to love one’s children, to love family, to love romantic partners, to love friends, to love one’s country, to love one’s planet, to love one’s enemy. It is the answer to all, and the thing worth truly fighting for.

Christi Rigby: What’s worth fighting for? Family, and family is not just the people you share with by blood but also those you have taken into your hearts and lives and made them a part of you.

A. L. Butcher: Many things are worth fighting for – love, honour, freedom, truth, justice. These may not hold the same meanings for all and many people think things like money or land, or revenge are worth fighting for. I think this is rarely the case. Money and land is worthless if it is gained by lies or hatred, bigotry or the deaths of innocents. Tainted land is just that – tainted. Of course human history tend to be written by the victors and how they interpret that victory is the key. You can’t see truth, or love, or honour, you can’t see freedom or injustice like you can see land, or a heap of money. These intangible ideals make us human, make us free. They also make us civilized beings.

Diana L. Wicker: First I had to wait for that song from Mulan to stop playing through my head. Then, when all was quiet, only one word came to mind – love. Friends and family, kith and kin, or that old expression I grew up with, “Who’s your peoples?” My peoples are my love, and that’s worth fighting for.

Raphyel M. Jordan: Honor.

Jessica Nicholls: All forms of love.

Crystal G. Smith: Love is worth fighting for. I don’t mean just for those that are in a relationship. I mean all around the world. It is my opinion that if more people loved a complete stranger, reached out and helped them with wanting nothing in return, just out of the goodness of their hearts, the world would be a better place and we would be seeing a lot less sadness and heartache on the news. Parents wouldn’t be wondering if their child was coming home. Spouses wouldn’t be praying endlessly that their husband/wife was safe. And children wouldn’t be crying at night because they missed their mom or dad. Our daughter’s wouldn’t be upset because Mommy didn’t get to come to the mother’s day event at school. Our sons shouldn’t have to be looking towards the stands trying to see if their dad made it to their football game.

The violence in our world saddens me more than anything else. Women, men, children being murdered and abused when they should be with their families at a bbq, at a park, or even watching a movie at home. We shouldn’t have to lock up our homes like Fort Knox. We shouldn’t be worried when we drop our children off at daycare. It shouldn’t even cross our minds that our children and loved ones are safe. If everyone loved, it could end a lot of that.

Love can do a lot of things, especially in large numbers.

Chantal Boudreau: Integrity – and by that I mean standing by your values even when others challenge you and the majority disagrees with you. If famiy is important to you, stand by that, and don’t be swayed by others who think you should be investing time and energy in other things. If you value equality, then stick up for those who aren’t being treated fairly, be it because they are less fortunate to begin with, they don’t match societal “norms” or they are being stigmatized in some way. If you think being truthful matters, then wear your honesty on your sleeve despite the fact that others may dislike this. Be who you are meant to be and do what you think is right. Don’t change who you are based on the will of others. Fight the good fight, even if it might be a hard won battle.

Doug Dandridge: What is worth fighting for? Not the things most people who have never been in battle think. Not Roman Eagles, the Crowns of Kings, the Star and Stripes, Union Jack, or Tricolor. Those things are very good for rallying the troops, getting the people behind the effort, of convincing the young men to march off to war. But they aren’t the things that people fight for. No, people fight for their homes and families, if they are directly threatened. Ask the Russian soldiers how hard the Germans fought when the Red Army entered the Fatherland. Ask the Germans how hard Ivan fought at Stalingrad. When home and hearth are not threatened, soldiers and sailors fight for their comrades, the men and woman serving beside them. Not for Generals, nor Politicians, not for medals or flags. They fight to protect their comrades in arms, as they depend on those others to protect them. Even warriors fighting for a bad cause, or a lost cause, will continue to struggle to their last breath for the people around them.

Mason Darien: There’s a bond of hearts that forms once in an age, a millennium, an eon; to some, it is the fine thread that ties them from the brink of madness, from the brink of death. Cut that thread…and Hell will seem but a fancy fantasy. That thread is always worth fighting for.

* * *

Okay, this last bit is just from me, and will show my geekiness, but it’s very on target. 😉 Not required watching for this post, just a bit of fun from Mia!

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Review Smarter, Not Harder

I am an author and a book reviewer. Here are some of my views from both sides.

As an author, I try not to read my own reviews too often. I’ll glance over them and see if someone pointed out something I need to be aware of, but most of the time, it doesn’t lead to anything good. Since everyone is entitled to their opinion–even if it’s to hate my books–I just leave them be. Sometimes, this is really hard.

Like one review that got after me about the romance in my book “not cutting it” for a paranormal romance…when NOWHERE in ANYTHING do I class my book as a romance or belonging in the genre. It is paranormal suspense. I don’t list it in the romance category, or put romance in the keywords, don’t mention it in the book summary, or advertise it as such.

There is a touch of romance in the story, but it is, indeed, minor. Because I wasn’t writing a romance. Yet I got yelled at for not putting enough romance in my not-romance story.

I held my tongue and moved on. I considered writing a post like this, but procrastinated about it. Until I got an email from a friend the other day, who is also a writer.

She was upset about a review that pulled two big elements out of her story and said she didn’t know anything about them and needed to research more. The one that stuck out the most was how she was accused of not writing the effects of cancer on a terminal patient correctly. My friend is also a nurse, who has treated patients with cancer. She knows what she’s talking about.

Between this and the other, this reviewer was obviously what I’m going to call an armchair quarterback who didn’t have the wealth of personal experience that my friend did yet felt they had the right to decide she was writing it wrong, even though she wasn’t. (Thirty seconds to read an author bio would have told this reviewer that this author is also a practicing nurse.)

This struck close to home for my friend and she almost stopped publishing, but happily she was persuaded otherwise. Even so, I understand the feeling.

This isn’t going to be a diatribe against reviewers who “author bash” because there’s been enough of those. This won’t be a rallying cry for authors to go out against reviewers, because I know that’s a bad idea and won’t tell someone to do it. No, this is about my recommendation to those out there who decide to write reviews.

The internet gives you a big box to stand on and a microphone. So consider what you’re about to say before you start talking.

Am I saying to not write negative reviews? Not at all. I will review any book I choose to, even if what I say isn’t positive. Some reviewers won’t post a review under three stars because they don’t want to hurt an author’s feelings or prefer to focus on the positive. I get that. I respect it. But that’s not my philosophy. I think the author may need to know the issues, and readers need to know what they’re getting into.

But I try to review smart. I never bash the author personally. And I make sure I know what I’m talking about, like I won’t criticize a horror author for not having enough sci-fi. Or a YA author for not having enough adult scenes. If my only knowledge of something is having read some fictional books on it, then I won’t pretend I know about it. If I think an author is off-track on something but I don’t have that real knowledge of it, I’ll say that I was uncertain. Or that something didn’t work for me.

I’m not saying don’t review. I’m not saying don’t write negative reviews. If a book has problems, you are in your right to point it out. I’m saying that reviewers wield power and yes, with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t treat the internet like a shield. Think before you write: be sure of the ground you’re on and knowledge you’re wielding. Because reviewers need to put as much effort into their reviews as authors into their books.

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Available Now!

As promised, the new charity anthology Reaching Out is available for purchase now! You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords! Other vendors like Kobo and Apple will have it soon!


Reaching Out: A Romance Anthology

helping hand

Romance can be found among the darkest of times. In this anthology, you’ll find four tales of sweet romance about those who dedicate their time, and sometimes even their lives, to helping others. 100% of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross.

Cross My Heart by Abigail Owen
A Healing Touch by Jessica Nicholls
Lesson Learned by Crystal G. Smith
Hope by Mia Darien


[Barnes & Noble]


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Coming Soon!

I’m very pleased to announce that a new anthology will be released on May 12! Reaching Out features four stories of sweet romance from myself, Abigail Owen, Jessica Nicholls and Crystal G. Smith. 100% of the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, and all these stories focus on the men and women who dedicate their time, energy and sometimes even their lives to helping others.

helping hand

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Guest Post: “How I Made My First Sale” by Yvette Allen-Tatum

Last week, Yvette Allen-Tatum joined us to answer Ten Questions, and now she’s back with a guest post about her first sale!

* * *

In all honesty, my first book sale had absolutely nothing to do with me. I was actually very uncomfortable talking to people the first time I went out to do a book promotion. I was at a local book store, myself and a few other authors, trying to promote and sell our books. I found myself more comfortable talking with the other authors, as opposed trying to talk to potential customers about my book. Fortunately for me, my husband accompanied to my first book promotion and was responsible for my very first book sale. This actually happened with my first book, Welcome to My Morning Glory.

I believe I was uncomfortable because of the fear of rejection; both of which, fear and rejection, can have a crippling effect upon anyone! I thank God every day for my husband being there with me. Not just because he sold my first book, but more importantly, I learned from him how to talk to potentially customers and how to promote and sell myself. I learned from him how to relax and just be me, instead of being a robot. At first, I created a script to ensure I was capturing the essence of what my book was about. However, this caused me to be more concerned about getting through the script that I never connected with the person right there in front of me. I ended up appearing to be more interested in the book – selling the book, rather than talking to the person. This is definitely a turn-off for most people.

My first true sale was when I realized all I needed to be was “me.” I wrote the book, therefore, who knew more about it than I did? So, I began to provide a synopsis of my book according to whoever was right in front of me. I first engaged the person in conversation about themselves and then connected with them on their level. This was way easier than my first approach. Clearly just starting out I really just didn’t know what to do.

With my current book, I Didn’t Know: Identifying, Confronting and Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse, I have a vested interest, I’m passionate, I’m advocating for a cause and provoking others to start a movement; therefore, sharing and discussing my book is easy. I not only want to get my book in the hands of others – I need to get my book in the hands of others. I am on a mission; I have an assignment on my life to Raise Public Awareness and Raise Public Consciousness about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

* * *

Yvette Allen-Tatum Cover Art

You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers. You can find the author at her site!

Yvette Allen-Tatum Author Photo

About the Author: Author, Teacher, Advocate, Conference Host, Public Speaker, Encourager, Motivator, Ordained Minister of The Gospel, Radical for Christ, the list goes on… Born some 40 plus years ago, this mighty Woman of God is Blessed with Grace, Intelligence and a Prophetic Teaching Anointing.

Yvette is in the process of earning a Master of Arts in Human Services, Concentration in Executive Leadership, at Liberty University. She earned her Master of Divinity Degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Grace Christian College; she is also a graduate of the University of Richmond, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance and a Minor in Leadership Studies. In addition, she has 30 plus years of experience in income tax preparation and bookkeeping.

Yvette is the Founder of Surrounded By Faith Ministries, Inc. Surrounded by Faith Ministries is a DESTINY-DRIVEN outreach ministry with a mandate from God to transform LIVES with the Word of God. The Word of God is not only ACTIVE and ALIVE but PERPETUAL. Because of this, we expect God to EXPONENTIALLY reach those we may never see simply because of those HE has entrusted us to TRAIN and EQUIP.

To date, Yvette has authored two books “Welcome to my Morning Glory” and “I Didn’t Know”, She has taught numerous Bible Studies, has been a featured speaker at several conferences and hosted numerous ministry events; most notably The Throw Yo’ Hands Up Conferences sponsored by Surrounded By Faith Ministries, Inc.

What began as a mandate from God to train and equip women in the ways of the Lord so they would become like the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible, has expanded to a platform of child advocacy. Actually, her spiritual focus has always been on the family unit – to receive and achieve spiritual wholeness. God has taken this mighty vessel by various routes to touch and reach the masses. First, targeting women – to strengthen them as the nurturing forces they were created to be; and now giving a voice to the voiceless – our children.

All of this is how she started; it has yet to be revealed who she shall be or how she will finish. You’ll just have to wait and see.

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